Thursday, March 29, 2012

i was asked today to list 13 of my favorite songs...

 i don't really have favorites 

so here are 13 songs for a rainy day:

1. bobby jameson - there's a war going on (1965 demo) - - there are so many distractions in's so easy to forget we are always at war...i really believe this to be one of the best unknown anti-war songs of all time.
2. magic castles - balled of the golden bird - - to discover a group writing and recording music like this gives me great hope all is not lost artistically...that's the reason i put this album out.
3. cate le bon - fold the cloth - - mystical & magical welsh kindred spirit... so pleased to have her play with bjm for a few shows on this tour.
4. dead skeletons - dead mantra - - JÓN SÆMUNDUR and HENRIK BJÖRNSSON laying down the law,icelandic style.i'm really pleased we put this record's got a great beat and you can dance to it,i give it a ten!
5. my bloody valentine - off your face - - all of these tracks are about to be re-released on vinyl so i'll be getting fresh copies for sure.
 6. Baris Manco - Ölüm Allah'ın emri - - turkish legend... love this stuff.
7. the network - ears of stone - - i know very little about this song from the 1960's,but that doesn't matter,it has great lyrics and sounds dark & dreamy.
8. Gerard Manset - animal on est mal - - first single from this belgian song writer...i love the production and style and the over all feel of this type of song...
9. Sasha Guppy - rain - - since it seems clear to me that the west is about to blow the shit out of iran,i will include this track in hopes that the listener will remember a beautiful culture spanning thousands of years under those bombs.god protect the innocent everywhere it's hard to judge from a drone feed.
10. j.k.& co - fly - - this was written by a fucking 15 year old kid.what's your excuse?
11. jan & lorraine - "33" - - i love this track...
12. neo maya - i won't hurt you - - this is a West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band cover done very,very well.
13.broadcast - corporeal - - the world lost something very special when Trish Keenan passed away...her work will stand the test of time...


  1. Diolch Anton. Best favourites on the Youtube! :)

  2. Thanks. Good listening. Evokes the warmth of DTV on a cold and rainy day. All the best.

  3. Must be raining all over the world.

  4. Late, desperate Internet spelunking is terrible...but it's also the time to discover some new music/see what A.N. is up to. And then the man himself keys me in on some sounds to redeem this lost night. Thanks, Life, for staying fresh.