Sunday, April 29, 2012

alex and anton psych fest 2012

gregg and  i

bjm psych fest 2012


  1. hi Anton
    my name is nave, I play in a band called "The Bootsman", we are from Israel. We have heard you are coming to perform in Israel and we are really excited. our band is deeply inspired by your music. we are currently finishing our second album while working on our third album.
    our music is psychedelic rock'N'roll. our second album is based and inspired by the energy of our live performances, in our bandcamp you can listen to two songs from the new album (still in rough mix versions).
    Our live act is known as a shamaic Rock`N`roll Party. We would really love to open your coming show in Israel, We think we fit perfectly for this spot, energy wise and musically wise. We`re attaching a clip that we made for you which offers our service ;)
    We are currently in touch with the production company "naranja" that is bringing you. If you`re interested please tell us. Soon we will have high quality videos and tracks(matter of days) That we can send you.
    Thank you and we`ll be in touch.

    This is the clip that we made:

    this is our bandcamp:

  2. can you please contact the people @ club barbi? i am on tour and don't have the time to listen right now.... i am leaving the support up to the club because they would know about what would end up working out the best for the show. :)

  3. cool, anyway enjoy the tour...
    but you have to watch this clip we made for you... (: