Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bandes Sonores: interview
1. Why did you choose to call your album Aufheben?

 i like the meanings of the words and how they fit with our time and the cover of the album - the photo is from the voager spacecrafts...its a message to inteligent life in the universe that they sent out of our solar system...two of these probes with biometric information about our location ,culture and information about our languges - i thought it would be funny if there was also the word aufheben - to destroy,abolish pick up and preserve....humanity....must be destroyed to be saved...get it?

2. Your music is always adventurous. How do you keep this state of mind album after album?
 i am see other artists steal from artists and have producers fix things,add to things...and their record labels pay for it...when they are not the product of the moment,and the money runs out or they have their swiss house...the ideas fade.i am making a soundtrack for god and the heavens that plays forever in the cinema of my mind...well,until the new trafou come along an asks me to make a soundtrack for his movie i am going to keep it real and stay the coarse.

3. Could you tell us about the genesis of this song, "Viholliseni Maalla"?

 it means "in the land of my enemy".i thought of the title first,and i am recording songs in as many languages as i can...i am into culture,fuck nationalities.i am not a slave...i am against the machine and thus for humanity.

4. What is your definition of freedom?

love it/be it.

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