Thursday, April 12, 2012

                                                                                                                           FIRST CLASS - KLM.
Interview for Vice France
Q. - Your new album sounds really 90's, in a good way, something post-apocaliptic, very free. What was the main influences or the state of mind to compose it ?

 you pretty much hit the nail on the head.i knew 2012 was coming...i made the soundtrack for it - sexy solar surf party soundtrack 2012... let me see your moves. - only fascists and tyrants fear artists and poets....sarkozy stands on a box,his wife on botox...what does that say about one of the seven leaders of the unfree corporate world?do you care if the president has big shoes?short?black?tall?small? no, WE WANT HUMAN DIGNITY & WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. stick em' up mother fucker its trick or treat time.kaliyoga fuck or fight time and the word on the street is that you don't know what the word on the street is.

Q. - Panic In Babylon is brilliant. It reminds me a little bit Pärson Sound, Amazing swedish band you probably know, same approach of drone/psychedelism in the composition, with a mix of differents sort of instruments.

 that is a compliment because i know and love that group.thank you.
Q. - I know Will Carruthers worked with you again on this album. I would like to ask you, as a music fan, what Spacemen 3 represent for you ?

 freedom,exploration,some beauty and some pain.they stole every idea and made it their own.i don't work that way all the time,but its a real honor to have them as friends.
Q. - Alan Lomax travelled a lot in the 50's to discovered and recorded amazing musicians, singer, espacially bluesmans, gospel singers and also prisonniers. The Alan Lomax recordings are fantastic, but do you know if it would still be possible in 2012 ?  or did internet kill (or help) everything ?

 the internet as we know it is about to brave new world by aldus huxley again,we are living it.with a sprinkle of 1984,but most people are so brain dead with their heads up their asses.the man believes we have enough youtubes and itunes to last forever.they don't care about learning or teaching.critical thinking?what a can not have critical thinking as you work for minimum wage at starbucks if you are lucky? ha - get treated like shit for feeding people and it costs more to take the bus to work then you make?fuck that.

the heat is on and the machine is going to fire the first shot,make no mistake.... my plan is to help create the type of enviroment i need to enjoy life...i can't want things for people that they don't want for themselves...good luck to everyone else...hope it helps your chess game.... i love alan lomax,he's a is alan mcgee in a way.

Q. - A lot of records labels like Sublime Frequencies or Mississippi Records released reissues of forgotten artists, or unfamous bands from Indian, Irak or Africa. Sometimes when i'm listening to an algerian band from the 60's, i'm stunned by the creativity and the power of the music they play, but it's almost never the case for new bands. Are we done with rock and roll ?

 i am more of a "roll" then  rock and roll.i love the things that i love.if they don't exsist i will create them...but listen,every time they say its over,it starts again..something don't listen to those false prophets,listen to your spirit...if you have one.
Q. -  Townes Van Zandt was fascinating by the capacity of Lightnin' Hopkins to drink every night before playing a half gallon of pur gin. Were you fascinating they same way ? You definitely stops drugs and alcool ? What is the difference during composition?

it was never my plan to drink or drug myself to i goes on and i create...i want to do soundtracks for a movie...not lend a ennio morricone i want to make a great film in europe with people i respect.drugs and boose won't help that.hard work might.

Q. - Do you have non-musical influences that influence you for your music, books or cinema? What is the last movie you saw?
 i love esoteric information and long for something everyday.movies? i don't watch film for the same reason i don't listen to radio...i don't need bullshit in my life... they shoot horses don't they? thats a good film. ha. difficult.celibration...that dogama film? thats a punk movie.... the secret teachings of all ages - manly p hall is a book that will keep your as glued to your it and beat harry potter to death with it.its a big book. ha.
Q. - What would be the five most important records that you'll always keep in your bag, and why ?

 1. pil - second edition (metal box) - its a great album....and if i name 5 albums...i know what i talking about,buy them and listen...don't talk.

 2. b-52's - wild planet - worth owning because of give me back my man alone.

 3. jimi hendrix - are you experianced. enough said.

 4. my bloody vallentine - isn't anything - where the fuck is kevin sheilds? (i want to give him a kiss)

 5. the zombies -  odessey and oracle - self produced for 5,000 pounds.epic and real.this was a garage band.

Q. -What are your impressions when you look back on your 20 years career ? How do you see the evolution of your own music ?
 soundtracks and more albums...and i see my lable growing...or...mayan prophacy and death....either way we're going to listen to some great fucking music until i go back to heaven where i belong.lets be's no great joy breathing the same hermamphrodite air as lady gaga and that peadophile idol simon cowell. ha-ha...fuck them and their monsters... but let's give a shout out to burial & flying lotus...hell yeah.why not?when time comes to do a soundtrack,their phone is going to ring like mad.brace yourself...this shit will happen.i am a dreams a real...
Q. -Do you have any regrets (from a personal and artistic point of view) ?

 not really.i'm doing great,i'm happy and i plan on keeping it real until the day i die just like my heroes: serge gainsborough,scott walker,keven shields,rocky ericson,pierre henry,bruce haack,william s boroughs,jarvis cocker,brian eno,john peel,oliver reed,jack la lane,geronimo,ho chi mhinn,jimi hendrix,chuck d,alan mcgee,curtis mayfield,quincy jones,douglas mcarthur,jaques brell,paul weller,sergio leonie and ennio morricone & joel gion :)


now enjoy two songs from the 1960s

see you soon.


  1. Great one, Anton...cheers from Texas!

  2. I like that you make a point to remind people that it what you do is work, that it's not effortless, and that it don't come easy.

    Much respect. See you stateside.

  3. Ant'
    New album sounds new and fresh, fresh and new and old and authentic, all at the same time, sounds as though I'm in the room with you when it's on.
    Lovin it and you are no genius and neither am I, genre' less and rather bloody lovely again, fun and timeless.
    Don't bottle it for later, go use and waste it and go make some more, and never let the BBC overplay you, or it could all become plasticky and contrived, but I am no longer gonna my grandmother how to suck eggs so cheers for the lesson in not sucking and keep up the good stuff. see you in Birmingham for a spot of beans and a brew X


  4. That was supposed to say 'No longer gonna teach my grandmother...........