Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stack Magazine. 4 1/2

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
* * * * ½ 
So if you try and decipher the many contradictory meanings behind the German album title (up, abolish, transcend, stay the same…!?) you’ll more than likely get a step closer to the inside of Anton Newcombe’s cerebral cortex – and what a beautiful mess that must be. With more lineups than a Mexican cop shop, this ever-evolving ensemble effortlessly evokes sonic ecstasy. From the opening exotica of Panic in Babylon (complete with subliminal terror if you listen closely), through the dreamy Viholliseni Maalla (think Air with drugs), we’re exposed to a methodical approach to a BJM album, almost mapped. From here on it’s the classic sound – Beatles simplicity coated in layer upon layer of quilted anesthesia. Face Down on the Moon is akin to a melancholic medieval funeral pyre, while Seven Kinds of Wonderful is the blueprint by which to introduce anyone to the psychedelic uniqueness only BJM can lay claim to. No matter the constant madness and conflict this band endure, project and are infamous for in rock’n’roll folklore, their work on record is so distinctly ethereal and full of wonder any music lover worth their salt MUST own at least one of their recordings… this is a fine way to start, and easily their best in years.  


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  1. J'aime beaucoup cette version fran├žaise de seven kinds of wondeful, Anton !