Wednesday, May 2, 2012

this is a quick interview for an australian paper.

i am posting these answers and will post what murdoch prints so you can see what they won't let me speak about.


Interview questions for Brian Jonestown Massacre

    •    You’re living in Berlin at the moments, has the city and lifestyle been an influence at all?

only in the sense that german people as a culture tend to mind their own business and not bother strangers.i love the fact that berlin leaves me alone,and that i am immune to advertising and idol chatter as i do not speak the language fluently.its pure magic for me.

    •    Does your environment usually impact of the direction of each recording?

i consider myself to be a psychonaut of sorts so my thoughts and art are not really connected to a time or place.i do however feel very free since i left the united states and moved to europe.i don't really care for the new corporate fascist groove thing they are perfecting in the west.i've pretty much lost all respect for the america i knew growing up and its people.everyone is so self-centered and way out of touch with the posibilities of a once great makes me sick actually.people deserve better.i feel like germany can protect its people,fight the war on terror and avoid acting like the stassi or national socialists.unfortunatly the rest of the west seems to be embracing those examples and rejecting human dignaty of any kind.

    •    Although you’ve travelled, lived and recorded all over the world do you still see Brian Jonestown Massacre as a San Francisco band?

i consider myself to be an occupant of planet earth.i think nationalism is a joke.willy brown and the dot com thing sort of wrecked sf for me.

    •    Electronic influences have been making their way into your past few albums, how is the writing process different to your more rhythm and blues focused stuff?

we were never an r&b outfit.

    •    You’ve stated your next album, Aufheben, is referencing Hegels theory that to preserve something you need to almost destroy it. Does the album deal directly with destruction and its results?

i honestly believe some sort of radical rethink is long over due on many levels.on the corporate level,and on the social level.the absolute domination of people like say...murdoch and his empire??? what has deregulation shown us? total abundance of worthless garbage.we deserve better.imagine if we hold the exploitation of the enviroment to the same high standard of excellence as say fox news.give me a break.having said that,i do not wish to single him out more than the others,but since he has a massive share of media control he can also have a massive share of my scorn.

    •    We in Australia love having you out here. Judging from the amount of Aussie tours you’ve done, can we assume that love is at all mutual?

i love australia and its people.i feel a very kindred affection and identify with your pioneering rugged individual'esque nature.

    •    Do you have any messages for your Australian fans ahead of your upcoming tour?

i want to thank everyone for their support and i hope you all are ready for a great evening of music because the raveonettes are great,and we are in top form.

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@ radio eins in berlin

nme review 8/10

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