Sunday, November 18, 2012

1.first of all good evening Anton.
Please feel free to introduce yourself.

hello readers.

2.i know everything about your life through internet and the film DIG.
is this wrong for someone who wants to find out about you and your musical personality?

you are asking the wrong person being that i have zero experience in trying learn about me and my own life in this's also strange for me to think about people in depth in the way your question suggests as i can not recall very many people in my own life who have motivated me to research to any great degree by name.

3.everything started 20 years ago,what do you remember from then,any details from  the recordings of your first demo tape?

i need to make more of an effort to finish my ideas.

4.let's talk about equipment,in the 90's those vox and vintage guitars you have bought,how hard they were to find,is it true that those days they had those guitars in basements,thrown away in the corner?

i worked very hard for my gear.
5.In the film DIG you never talk about rolling stones,brian jones or any other band in general,how's that since everyone (,counting and me) have the belief that your biggest influence in music were the early stones and the velvet underground?

people like you and i,we have zero control over what is said by directors and film makers on our behalf through editing to make points that are not our own.
6.Do you miss the early days of Brian Jonestown Massacre with the band in san fransisco and the house you were all living in,or you found peace in Berlin that you live now,by meaning growing old things got better in your soul?

 i am enjoying this time in berlin for now.

7.What about life,what are the things you enjoy to do most, except composing music?

i like thinking,making plans,making plans happen and making people happy.
8.I would like to tell me your opinion about the people who tend to get everyday more and more greedy animals by earning money.

animals never acted this way.
9.What about the music industry those days,i am sure that many bands everyday would send you their demos and stuff to listen to them,did you ever expected this to happen,i mean you knew from the beginning that you were builting some kind of a myth around you by writing some of the greatest psychedelic pop and rock songs in the 90's,did you ever  took back the gift?

it's to early to take stock...i want to create more and talk less.

10.what do you have to say to bands and artists who are starting now to make a band and creating their own music,any advices,what to look after and who?

11.Tell me about Dead tv,all these years now many great things happen in your channel,you're cooking,creating music,talking to people and friends on air,what is the purpose behind dead tv?

i guess you are right...there is no reason to dp anything.i see your point.

12.Could you tell me the story behind your song Anenome?

as i remember,i was showing mara how easy it is to write songs.
13.Let's talk about bands,what bands do you dig most these days,except from all the great stuff back in the 60's,that you also upload in your channel.

i'm excited about music and the future but not enough to talk about it.
14.You've never been to greece for a gig,i know that there have been offers to your band and you turned them down,was there a reason for that,you know that many people in my country wants to see your band.

is that true?
15.what the future holds for brian jonestown massacre,if i remember well you had said that you would release 5 records this year.Should we expect for a new record to come out this year?

i will start releasing new singles and eps in the first part of 2013,this stuff takes some time.
16.Your members in your band,who are they,except joel and matt,please tell us about them in your own words.
17.Do you believe in dreams,did your dreams came true anton?

i'm not done dreaming.
18.Share with us 10 songs and 10 albums you love very much for the readers of our lovely blog.
19.Thank you anton for the wonderful music you have offered to all of us all these years.It was the best gift ever.(that's not a question).

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