Friday, December 28, 2012


Q. Is there anything greater than love?

A. gil scot heron singing "home is where the hatred is"

Q. What is everyone doing wrong?

A. slapping $ signs on every single fucking thing they can imagine... and a total loss of self respect for

Q. How long do you give civilization?

A. on the macro or micro front it's is high time for a radical rethink of all things western regarding capitalism and it's fan club.

Q. What matters?

A. wolfgang gotthardt newcombe

Q. What doesn't matter?

A. popular culture, get kony 2012,glee,pop idol,x factor,scientology,alex jones fan's fears,one world government.

Q. What doesn't matter even more?

A. FEAR - he who fears death can not enjoy life.

Q. What's the difference between a visionary and prophet?

A. a prophet has to be realized,a visionary can go about changing the world un-noticed.the foundation of the pyramid is under the desert sand,never seen a starry sky.

Q. What are some people doing right?

A. holding the torch high so other might see the's the duty of youth and the pleasure of old age.

Q. What makes you hopeful?

A. i'm not filled with hope or worry... all things must pass,so let us watch this parade pass.

Q. What do you think when you hear someone say, "Do you believe in God?"

A. i am more interested in what god thinks of man then of what man thinks of god.

Q. What do you think when you hear someone say, "There is no message."

A. it's a coversation killer.

Q. What happens when we die?

A. it depends on who or what you are.we are made out of stars,i imagine we find our way to the center of a black hole,then come squirting out of the white reverse of the same and become new stars.

Q. Why are we here and what should we be doing?

A. we should be pressing every button,pulling every lever until we figure out how to work the machine or at least turn the fucking thing off.

Q. What distinguishes Anton Newcombe from the rest of the world?

A. i am an individual.

Q. What do you share with everyone?

A. wisdom and folly in equal messure.

Q. Do people change?

A. reptilian shape shifting puzzle piece party cheaters.

Q. You seen that movie "After Life"? It's about a way-station after death where you get to choose one moment in your life that they recreate and film and you then spend eternity with that memory. What would yours be?

A. sitting at the feet of god singing the praises of the holy creation forever.

Q. Who do you miss?

A. trish from broadcast.

Q. What do you miss?

A. people with soul being on with soul on the radio.

Q. What are you waiting for?

A. revolution to catch up with the victims of this insanity.

Q. What are you not waiting for?

A. the next homo-erotic disney moment.

Q. What is beauty?

A. something i love.

Q. Pain?

A. a fact of life.

Q. Is it possible that it's our bodies that have been getting in the way of connecting and that the internet is where our minds and spirits and ideas will all truly meet?

A. that explains the vast wasteland of facebook. fuck the internet. ideas are where its at,not virtual hangouts and mindless chatter.

Q. Fuck, Marry, Kill? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

A. my god created the devil,and my god will deal with the devil.

Q. Do you see artistic expression as an emptying and filling up of the artist?

A. sure,if i am thinking about that stuff....most of the time,i am busy being an artist,not busy thinking about what it means.

Q. Is playing music a choice for you? Could you imagine not doing it?

A. it's one of the many things i do.

Q. Who got it right?

A.  ..Sun Tzu

Q. Is everyone capable of anything?

A. no.

Q. If you could intoxicate yourself with one thing and nothing else for the rest of your life what would it be (if anything at all)?

A. i would pass on the one thing thing.if you are stoned all day,it becomes the way you are,and nothing.i like to mix it up.

Q. Do you see uncanny repetitions in the world? Say someone mentions...I don't know, say you're in a bar and you hear someone mention that old TV show Laverne and Shirley, then you leave that bar and when you're walking down the street you see an uppercase cursive "L" (like Laverne had monogrammed onto her every shirt) spray-painted on the sidewalk. You make the connection there and at that point it's only coincidence, but when you reach your destination you meet a girl named Shirley. You know what I'm talking about? When the repetitions get too frequent? Say fuck off if this makes no sense.

A. i call it "the Thingy-Wingy

Q. What do you want to say?

A. it's time for Total Revolution.the banks don't work,the governments all owe money and have failed,the wars suck,all of it is a failure,it's time to upset big-time.

Q. Care to leave us with one of your lyrics that you feel best encapsulates the point?


silver rings and
magic things
your children
should not know
evil deeds
are rotten seeds
the kind that never grow
you put them in the ground you know
what you will become?
i'll tell you son

she traded life for happiness

with no regrets at all
it left a rotten emptiness
it left her feeling small
it left her nothing left at all
except something she despised
you see it in her eyes

she traded love for liberty

a bold pursuit of fun
she gave away her sanity
and found that she had none
watch quickly now as she becomes
something that she despised
feels it in her
she's living in a lie
and she's the center
she gave away her life
she's not a sinner

Thank you, Anton.



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