Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Giants or Just Ants - Music for Film Imagined

                                                     work in progress anton newcombe
                                                        berlin de for ostberliner disko

"Behold! is it not written in this roll? Read, ye who
shall find in the days unborn, if your gods have given you the skill. Read, O children of the future, and learn the secrets of the past, which to you is so far away, and yet in truth so near.

"Men do not live once only and then depart hence forever; they live many times in many places, though not always in this world. That between each life there is a veil of darkness.

"The doors will open at last, and show us all the chambers through which our feet wandered from the beginning.

"Our religion teaches us that we live on eternally. Now eternity having no end, can have had no beginning--it is a circle; therefore, if one be true, namely that we live on forever, it would seem that the other must be true also: namely, that we have always lived.

"To men's eyes God has many faces, and each one swears that the one he sees is the only true God. Yet they are all wrong, for all are true.

"Our Kas, which are our spiritual selves, show them to us in various ways. Drawing from the infinite well of wisdom that is hidden in the being of every man, gives us glimpses of the truth, as they give us, who are instructed, power to work marvels.

"The Spirit should not be judged by the body or the god by his house.

"Among the Egyptians the Scarabaeus Beetle is no god, but a symbol of the Creator, because it rolls a ball of mud between its feet and sets therein its eggs to hatch
as the Creator rolls the world around which seems to be round causing it to produce life.

"All gods send their gift of love upon this earth, without which it would cease to be. My faith teaches me more clearly perhaps than yours, that life does not end with death, and therefore that love, being life's soul, must endure while it endures.

"The strength of the invisible tie will bind two souls together long after the world is dead.

"The spirits or souls of one incarnation possibly may meet again in another incarnation, and may be drawn together as if by a magnet but for what cause neither knows.

"Man comes into being many times, yet knows nothing of his past lives; except occasionally some daydream or a thought carries him back to some circumstance of a previous incarnation. He cannot, however, determine in his mind when or where the circumstance occurred only that it is something familiar. In the end, however, all of his various pasts will reveal themselves."

as it is written in the great stolen book.

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