Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Dis-moi ce que tu écoutes : Anton Newcombe !
  • La première musique que tu écoutes en te réveillant ?
    The first music you listen when you wake up ?
 radiohead amnesiac - is decent album to start your day with... but to honest,i listen to bbc 4 online,drink coffee and read the news...i start listening to music after noon and then it depends on my mood...

  • Les trois musiques que tu écoutais en boucle quand tu étais adolescent ?
    The three songs that you listened again and again when you were young ?
 simon & garfunkle - richard cory / bob dylan - gates of eden / jimi hendix - wind cries mary ( and many,many others )

  • Le disque qui te transporte en Inde ?
    The album that have you travelling to India?
 anup jalota - bhajan sandhya  ( hindi devotionals)

  • Dans le désert ?
    And travelling in the desert ?
hamaza el din - desse barama (1964! & mystical) (for you to sample)

  • Le disque le plus étrange de ta collection ?
    The strangest record in your collection?
that's subjective - i like this: pierre henry & michel colombier - Messe pour le temps présent ecrit pour maurice bejart (great to listen to while cooking food)
  • Un disque que tu écoutes quand tu es en tournée ?
A record that you listen to when you're on tour ?

ricky and i love to dj non-stop on the bus & bug the shit out of everyone with strange shit,and just when people start getting upset with us,we put on kool & the gang and sing really loud.its pretty fun being on tour with me...i enjoy it. :)                     

                                                                         (stuff like this)
  • Des sons qui te donnent l’inspiration ?
What are the sounds that inspire you ?

JS Bach - Aria Jesu Dir sei Preis gesungen. (js bach is was a badass mother fucker - listen )
  • Un bruit de l’environnement qui tu adores ?
    A noise of the environment that you love?
 great question - the sound of the absence of mankind.

  • Celui que tu détestes ?
    And one that you hate?
 have you heard a woman wail that has lost her child?that sort of thing...war sucks.

  • Ton compositeur de musique classique préférée ?
    Your favorite classical composer?
                                                                       ( js bach :)                                                     

  • Ton musicien africain préféré ?
    Your favorite African musician ?
 hamaza el din (this is getting easy)

  • Le groupe de Rock qui te donne envie de tout saccager ?
    The rock band that makes you want to go wild ?
 old?new? this question is vague...old it is: the eyes ( )                   

  • Un groupe récent que tu affectionnes ?
    A brand new band that you like ?
 dead skeletons (that's why i put out their album)

  • Une de tes musiques dont tu es le plus fier ?
    One of your music which you are most proud of ?
 i like what i do - i will be proud when i do a soundtrack - all of it...then,and only then will i feel justified in feeling proud.i want to make history with the right film maker ( maybe french? hollywood is such shit) take cinema farther with a great soundtrack.all the way.inspire artists and spit in the face the fake hollywood bland status quo.burn hollywood burn. :)

  • Ta chanson française préférée ?
    Your favorite French Song ?
i have quite a few favorites you know... let me pick one,not my favorite,just something sort of nice: charlotte walters - angel of sin ( ),gerard manset - animal est mal ( i know belguiqe),speeking of belgium jacques brell is an all time fave or up there with serge gainsbourg,swingle singers and more,and more...

  • La bande originale d’un film qui t’a complètement scotché ?
    The soundtrack of a film that has completely surprised you ?
 my focus is trying to talk europeans into making great movies,not sitting around talking about movies.FUCK THAT.i don't watch movies for the same reason i don't listen to the pop radio - it's shit.i want to do something about that too.i want to do a soundtrack.think of how great ennio morricone is/was/will always be... i want to try to make one movie sound that good,he's done 100s.

  • Ta chanson préférée des Dandy Warhols ?
Your favorite song of the Dandy Warhols

lou weed -
  • Un disque à écouter avant d’aller au lit ?
    An album to listen to before going to bed?

 can - tago mago or something i am working on...

Julien Bouisset

thank you julien!


  1. You're Welcome Anton !
    See u soon...

    Julien Bouisset

  2. good idea for an interview, lots of great music!