Thursday, April 5, 2012

interview for jpost

From The Jerusalem Post  / David Brinn

 1. How are you? How do you feel about coming to Israel for the first time?

 i'm doing well thank you.i am really looking forward to visiting tel aviv.
2. You seem like the ultimate music fan, and much of your musical career has been about creating tributes to some of your favorite albums and artists – what do you enjoy about that?

 pastiche is part and parcel of popular art - from bob dylan and the beatles to samples and remix me it's all about what you as an artist have to add to the lexicon.i feel as though,know in my heart i have made a solid contribution .
the music business tends to play up record sales/dollar/volume of units,but there is a whole other level of success,and that is being able to inspire others to study the arts,to start record lables,groups magazines etc.i'm interested in the organic model of life and building eco systems so...where were we :)
3. Is there an artist you haven’t gotten to honoring that’s on your to-do list?

i tend to be very quiet when i come in contact with people i respect i.e. if i see bob dylan in a supermarket i let them shop and go about my is my hope in the future to work on soundtracks for film,not have my music placed in a film,to do something like ennio moricone and truely make a great film even better...if and when i get the chance to do that,i think it would be a great time to "honor" people i respect by bring them into that project...
4. Where does your seeming interest in cults derive from?

good question.perhaps it started with quasi-esoteric television,like leonard nemoy's "in search of".i enjoy non fiction,don't care for war movies or slasher films,video games..etc,but i am interested in belief systems,and relating to my own group name,it is interesting how cult leaders are like rock stars in many was.however,my goal is to be neither.

let me clear something up for anyone reading this: 99% of my art deals with love,on a spiritual level.i chose to wrap the project in certain abrasive iconography as a means of self preservation as i am acutely aware that the  business has away of turning beautiful songs into advert for feminine hygine product gingles and the like.i chose to try and make it all too hot to handle and somewhat dangerous like some exotic fruit with spines...but very tasty.
5. The band is infamous for some wild live shows in the past – are there shows you regret now because the focus maybe moved away from the music or you didn’t give 100 % in the performance?

 no regrets,for the most part we show up and play well.i wish that members of the group in retrospect would have perhaps understood how unique some of these concerts and,just being able to travel and make a living from what you do,your art...but you happens when you are busy making have to remember when we started,there were zero bands like america or very few on earth...some people react in negative ways to somethings they don't understand,and we represented a certain amount of freedom...then,other hearing tales of riots,and there were some...would come to try and provoke a reaction...and we would stand up for ourselves or's much better now...this is old news...and a topic played up in the edited version of the film.joel,matt ricky?i've played with them for 20 years or more...rob frankie colin ten or more...we lasted longer then myspace :) or the beatles as a group.
6. The bad seem to be on a resurgence after a few laying low years. How has having Matt Hollywood back in the fold changed the band – has it given it some new momentum?

i like matt & hope we end up creating more ideas in the's quite hard to record/write with me because i tend to come up with complete ideas - all at once,symphonic even if rough,and matt tends to be thoughtful,and refines his words and parts.the strong point is that we truly learned to teach eachother how to play music so there is a connection like "twins" on a certain level,where we know how where an idea is headed from the genesis.that can be powerful when the communication is working.
7. Tell me about Aufheben – is there a theme to the album?

i am very interested in eschatology,and i've been aware of the anxiety many people associate with 2012 etc.the cover art is based on the carl segan graphic included as a part of the voyager space program.two probs sent to the outer reaches of the solar system and beyond,each containing this graphic describing who we are,our location in our solar system and gold disks containing audio examples of hundreds of greatings in every language and music like js bach etc...reaching out to i don't know...inteligent life elsewhere.i thought it would have been funny if a scientist or someone...added one word on this plaque "Aufheben". it's a german word with many meanings at the same time...but to explain it: to destroy,to lift up,to preserve. all at once,if you think about german culture,the positive parts,and relate it to the history of the last century,society had to destroy it to save and rebuild as a way to preserve...with out getting too heavy,the implication is a suggestion to these unknown aliens or whatever....that the earth be destroyed to be saved...toungue in cheek...kind's obvious that we love the beautiful parts of life,and could do with less of the filth,fear and hatred etc.

(i hope that makes sense)
8. I see it has “I Want to Hold Your Other Hand” on it – is there a Beatles reference musically as well?

 i'm being silly - but yes,assuming a person has two hands,even if john lennon was holding one hand there would be in theory one free for me to hold too.
9. When  and why did you move to Berlin?  Do you find it stimulating?

 berlin leaves me alone and i love that about this place.germans are very civil for the most part and as a culture they just don't get in your face ever, has made a very solid effort to support the arts so much so that it attracts great people here and it's a very safe place for women and children.i love be honest,it seems to me that a certain new type of fascism is creeping into the western world,not just right wing extremists,but from top to bottom.most of us want and demand to be safe etc. and that is understood and accepted,however it occurred to me,that because of history...this would be the last place that either the police or the people could ever look and act like fascists...and that to me,is worth more than gold.the people will not stand for any of it and that is a beautiful thing.

just being honest. :)
10. Did you know there’s around 15,000 young Israelis living there

 yes indeed and i am friends with quite a few.we cook at my is good here these days,and i follow the israeli art scene because you know,to me,it's just the "art scene" too.i think it's great to be apart of any forward thinking culture and very important for the jewish comunity to define itself in berlin and speaks volumes about the business of life,and moving forwarda and a very powerful lesson to really defines the human spirit and when standing side by side with the history,its inspiring to me.

11. Do you agree with the film reviewer’s assessment of you in Dig that you came across as "deeply troubled, drug-addicted, often downright scary."

no.i don't drink,i'm not on drugs.i am alive and productive,very productive.i've talked about my feelings reguarding the film and the film can find that dialog online.

12. Are you less scary these days?

is this a trick question?


  1. This was for sure one of the more illuminating interviews I've read. Nothing better than undiluted honesty. Thank you for sharing.

  2. yes, thoughtful interview that makes for a compelling read.

  3. i like that 'In Search Of' gets mentioned.

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