Monday, April 9, 2012

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Brian Jonestown Massacre at Turner Hall

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Most people’s knowledge of San Francisco psych-rock band Brian Jonestown Massacre goes no further than its much-publicized feud against fellow West Coast band The Dandy Warhols. It’d be hard to blame the public for being so hung up on that, though, when their ongoing tension was the subject of 2004’s dramatic documentary Dig!—which, no matter your allegiance, only makes both bands look alternately petty and petulant. Still, that was nearly a decade ago. Since then, frontman Anton Newcombe has been consistently pumping out the same dreamy, pastiche-happy songs that have been well worth a listen since 1993. BJM’s latest, Aufheben, is scheduled for a May 1 release.
Newcombe and company will return to Turner Hall August 17 for what will likely be another epic-length show. General admission tickets are $18, and go on sale Friday, April 13 at noon. Listen to a song off of Aufheben, “I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand,” here or below.

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